Hi, I'm Bryson! 

On most days, you will find me behind my computer or phone screen doing Generation Z things which include endlessly scrolling through social media trying to find things that I believe deserve a "like", taking selfies with obnoxious filters, and internally judging large company's marketing tactics. 

On the flip side, I use all that screen time for good, not evil. During my undergrad, I learned that educational leaders are interested in me, ok not just me, but my generation so who better to tell you about me than me?

My skills include:

- Helping small businesses, higher ed departments, and individuals create, manage, and engage audiences online using budget-friendly resources. Regardless of the field that you are in, your audience is online so you should be too. 

- Generation Z expertise! Why we do what we do. I may not have all of the answers but this is your chance for unbiased feedback from GenZ!
(To sweeten the deal, I have friends who are easily persuaded with cheap food)


- Working with first-generation college students and their families to decode all of our higher education lingo/acronyms. Yup, I'm first-gen and proud of it!​ 

I look forward to working and connecting with you! 


Bryson Purcell, M.Ed., SMS 

Mr. Bryson Purcell, M.Ed., SMS

Master of Education, Educational Leadership: College Student Affairs, Bloomsburg University 


Certified Social Media Strategist,
National Institute for Social Media 

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Information and Technology Management, Bloomsburg University  

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